Staff Directory

Our Church takes pride in its leadership. Even though our church has many Christian leaders and could not function to do Gods work without every member, we do want to introduce you to just a few in the below pictures. 


Please join us in prayer for our new pastor and his wife & family, Bro. Robert and Mrs. Jennifer Dawson.  They live here in the Cushing area, and are former missionaries to Australia.

We are confident that the Lord has sent them our way, and pray that their ministry will be Spirit-filled!


McKnight Congregational Methodist Church
Youth Minister

I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. I am Carrie Duncan and my family and I would love to have you visit our church.  Our youth program has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and you can truly feel the presence of our savior in the building and through our youth.

My husband Jess and our two sons Tate and Cade are very excited to get the opportunity to meet with you. We encourage visitors and our youth are very welcoming to new students.


We always strive to keep our youth involved with our community and we hope that you will be a part of this soon. ​

McKnight Congregational Methodist Church
Church Leader

As the Church Leader at McKnight Church I have grown to love the people God has brought to our Church. My name is Gary Rawlinson and with the help of my wife Lori we have worked in almost every area of the Church here. I have been a member of this congregation since I was a young adult and could not imagine worshiping the Lord at any other church.

We welcome all visitors and encourage anyone who does not have a church family to visit. We offer so many different worship groups, from a youth ministry to men’s breakfast and women’s bible studies. Our Church is always looking for new people to help out and we would love for that to be you.